Having a School Fete?

We have been making bags of fairy floss and hiring commercial fun food equipment to schools in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs for over 12 years now. We specialise in fairy floss, popcorn and snowcone equipment for fundraising and only hire good quality high-output machines.

Contact us today for a copy of our price list for our hire equipment and pre-packaged fairy floss to take to your next fete committee meeting. When you email us we would like you to include the name of the school and the suburb your school resides in just for our information.

Contact us now

We are looking for distributors in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia.  If you have the resources and distribution capabilities to fill one or all of these areas, please contact Kim on 03 9761 7979 or send an email to: admin@flossys.com.au.


Want to buy bags of Fairy Floss?

This is what we specialise in providing a fresh product to our customers. We have two sizes in our bags and two sizes in our tubafloss. We always have a couple of bags sitting on our shelves but for parties we suggest you pre-order so you don't miss out.




At flossy's we only hire quality high output commercial equipment.